Shapeshifters and Secrets: A Night of Revelation at The Venue Nightclub

Nestled in the vibrant heart of New Cross, South East London, The Venue Nightclub has long been a hotspot for students and locals alike. During my days at Hatcham Wood School in Brockley, I often heard my peers rave about this enigmatic club, conveniently located at the bottom of Wallbutton Road and opposite the prestigious Goldsmiths College.

Though my friends frequented the club, I never found the opportunity to venture inside during my school years. However, at 28 and back in the area, I was surprised to see the club still thriving. Intrigued by its enduring allure, I decided to explore The Venue Nightclub for myself.

The moment I stepped inside, I was greeted warmly by the bar staff. A friendly bartender poured me a drink and engaged me in a conversation about the recent media scandal involving Jimmy Saville. As we both expressed our disdain for the man, she confided in me her suspicions about one of the security team members, whom she believed was a predator as well.

Eager to distance myself from the unsettling conversation, I left the bar and made my way to the dance floor. There, a bold, intrusive young woman approached me. Despite feeling uncomfortable in her company, I engaged in polite small talk before seeking refuge in conversation with a charming gay couple.

We were getting along splendidly until the young woman reappeared, accusing me of touching her inappropriately. My new friends were quick to defend me, stating that her allegations were baseless since I had been talking to them most of the night. Unfazed, she persisted in her accusations, ultimately reporting me to security.

The security guard who approached me was the same man the bartender had warned me about earlier. As the gay couple continued to argue my innocence, he grabbed me by the back of my neck, I could feel his overgrown fingernails digging into me as he began to march me towards the exit. Furious and humiliated, I yelled, “Get your fucking hands off me!” as we approached two fire exit doors equipped with panic bars.

Breaking free of his grasp, I kicked the panic bars with such force that both doors flew wide open, revealing a dimly lit corridor. Two tall, physically strong identical twin security guards followed closely behind him. As I navigated the corridor, I braced myself for one of them to grab me, but no one did. Instead, they faced the older security guard, who had just finished closing the fire exit doors behind them. Based on the reaction of the older security guard, I could only assume they had shapeshifted in front of him, causing him to cower in fear, his face drained of colour as he panicked trying to regain access to the nightclub, but to no avail, I had damaged the panic bars. He was now slumped in the corner of the corridor petrified.

I seized this opportunity to explain my side of the story, my awareness of shapeshifting, and my conscious connection to the enigmatic Nommos. The twin guards remained silent, their backs to me, as they stared intently at the terrified older security guard. Deciding there was nothing more to say, I walked to the end of the long corridor and exited the nightclub.

Upon leaving, I encountered a female police officer who inquired if I was alright. After I assured her I was, she advised me to go home due to a disturbance outside the club. Instead, I stopped at a nearby chip shop to grab a bite to eat. While inside, I recognised the voice of the young woman from the club ordering food at the counter. Noticing me, she went pale with fear, perhaps anticipating repercussions. I chose not to engage, and she quickly left with her food.

I never found out what happened to the security guard, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the club staff’s suspicions about him played a part in the bizarre events of that night. It wasn’t until I experienced a vivid dream about mirrors and shapeshifting that I began to piece together the perplexing puzzle of that unforgettable evening at The Venue Nightclub.

The night’s events left an indelible mark on my memory, and I couldn’t help but ponder over the connections between the staff’s suspicions, the shape-shifting twins, and my own spiritual journey. As I reflected on my experience, I realised that life is full of intriguing, mysterious moments that challenge our understanding of the world around us.

My encounter at The Venue Nightclub was a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most captivating and perplexing experiences lie just beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary places. The hidden secrets, the unknown stories, and the shape-shifters we may encounter along the way serve as reminders that there’s always more than meets the eye.

In the end, that fateful night at The Venue Nightclub was more than just a night out – it was a brush with the supernatural, a confrontation with the unknown, and a testament to the power of intuition and awareness. It was a night that will forever remain etched in my memory, serving as a reminder that life is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered and that sometimes, the most thrilling stories can be found in the most unexpected places.

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