My Why?

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead”

Bertrand Russell

For too long I feared what others may think of me, and shared too little of what should have been known, and although it took me a long time to process and understand my supernatural experiences, I gained knowledge of them through empiricism and research, which revealed to me my hidden and esoteric knowledge, including the revelation of secrets, recorded and forgotten from ancient history

My enlightening journey enabled me to know myself, however, my spiritual journey was never without its struggles as I overcame obstacles whilst striving for my truth, and although there were fragments of information, shared by others who have experienced similar situations, I couldn’t find a case study of a spiritual awakening, in modern society I could relate too, but I did find comfort in a book written by Brian Bates, The Way of Wyrd (Pronounced, The Way of Weird)

My Story

I’m the second eldest of five siblings, I was raised by a dysfunctional and unprivileged family, but I had a deep feeling and belief my life could be improved.

The education system had failed me, and due to multiple closures of my secondary school by Ofsted, Formerly known as Hatcham Wood and Telegraph Hill in Brockley London, I was unable to gain my formal qualifications.

Raised on Silwood Estate in South-East London, then notorious for its association with football hooliganism and violence, and without family or commercial support I was determined to improve my life, and so rather than attempting to gain further education, I started my first job working as a water cooler refurbishment technician for Eden Springs, formerly known as Nature Springs, I then incorporated my first business as a Karaoke and Disco provider run as my first limited company, this enabled me to secure a career development loan and train for a career within information technology.

My first job was working for one of the largest outsourcing companies in Europe known as Capgemini where I was trained as an IBM AS400 Systems Programme Administrator, now referred to as IBM i, this work experience provided me with a niche in finance technology, progressing to business applications working with order management and settlement systems, with these niches combined, this enabled me to work with some of the largest companies in the finance sector internationally, this included prestigious names such as NM Rothchild, Singer and Friedlander, UBS Wealth Management, Eri Bancaire, Charles Stanley Stockbrokers, Next Fifteen Communications, Brewin Dolphin, Sungard Investran, Societe Generale and Brooks Macdonald’s to name drop only a few…

In 2012 shortly after my voluntary public speaking, advising the unemployed and under 25s on how to set and achieve goals for the A4e back-to-work program I received controversial feedback, declaring me an unorthodox approach to change and labelled a heretic, I soon found myself unemployed, betrayed and eventually homeless, and regardless of my work experience and utmost efforts to find employment, there were no opportunities available to me, so with the limited resources I did have and with the help of the new enterprise allowance I founded my IT Consultancy and Property Service, in addition, having been a film enthusiast for so long, I took the opportunity to follow my dream of working on Film and TV productions.

However, the truth and the underlying reasons for those who would eventually betray me ran much deeper than the surface level of day-to-day life, and unknowingly to me, with the hardships I was enduring, I had begun my spiritual journey into the discovery of myself and esoteric knowledge.

For You

For your entertainment, fascination or comfort, I have decided to share my experiences with you, providing you with a case study to reveal the fundamentals of a spiritual awakening in modern society, the good, the bad and the ugly, revealing how deep the rabbit hole can go, in the hope that my creative writing and shared resources will provide enough information to help you during a time of self-discovery and personal development, enabling you to uncover more threads of information to achieve your understanding.

I hope to reassure you that no matter where you start in life, or where you find yourself during times of hardship, you have the power to learn, discover and improve your life and ultimately achieve your truest desires and goals. The possibilities are limitless.

I know change is not always easy and that many truths have been socially conditioned to be hard to believe or dismissed as crazy, I accept this, but my blog isn’t for everyone, and it’s not my job to convince you otherwise, but my spiritual quest and search for my own truths took me on the most fulfilling of life experiences, from working with A list celebrities, out-of-body experiences, remote observations, shared dreams, astral visits to the ancient civilisations of the world, encounters with shamans, spirit animals and multi-dimensional beings, extending beyond the realm of my own imagination.

Welcome to my empirical blog and my home of creative writing. Thank you for visiting.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth”

Mahatma Gandhi

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