Angel, Demon, Djinn, Malak or Messenger?

After my return home from Miami I decided to make big changes in my life, these changes offended multiple people but liberating for myself, I had to be alone, I had to challenge what I discovered to be false truths in my life, I was now on a quest to discover my own truth.

My first decision was to separate from my wife, she had been my partner since the age of 17, but our communication had broken down, my family played a hand in clouding her judgment and becoming a wedge in our relationship, nor could she understand my experiences, even with the physical evidence of the damage to our property, my vehicle and myself coming home beaten and bloodied, this was still too hard for her, our friends and family to believe my experiences were related, this was a part of my life I was experiencing alone, so by this time, we only shared a mortgage and holidays together, we both had separate careers and goals.

The decision to separate was amicable but we remained friends, months later I was living alone, but the psychological impact of my past experiences remained with me, consciously prompting me to continue questioning, and to keep striving for answers and justice – but how, where would I begin?

I decide to have an early night, I go to bed, peacefully, and gradually I fall asleep. Suddenly I’m awoken and find myself standing in my bedroom, opposite the window, initially I thought I had been sleepwalking, the window was covered by a brown fabric window blind, the room was dark, I could barely see the silhouettes of the bedroom furniture, I sense I was not alone, I can’t see this being or entity, it’s anonymous, but I can feel it, and it’s negative.

I decide to roll up the window blind to let the light in from the nearby street lamps, but it doesn’t work, the roller just spins, I now sense a second being, I can feel a feminine presence, then in my mind’s eye I vividly see each of her strides coming closer towards me, I am now aware this lady is walking in my hallway and towards my bedroom door, which is wide open.

The closer she approaches, the more she pushes the anonymous and negative entity towards me. she was illumiated, her white light was forcing the negativity towards me, and my fear was intensifying, I begin to panic, I turn to try the blind one final time when I glimpse her foot enter my bedroom door, the negative and anonymous entity then jumps into my heart chakra, which was most likely the darkest place remaining due to my fear, but the blind fails to rise again, I swiftly turn to face the female who had entered my bedroom, already she is stood toe-to-toe with me, in an instant she fills my heart with love, removing all fear in a nano-second, as if she was layering, or integrating the negative entity within me, simitaneously, she is placing something on top of my head, I don’t see this item, but she takes a moment to fit it, at first it sat slightly lop-sided which she gently and calmly adjusts, I can see from her body language she is pleased with this, she then brings her hands down by her side, but her identity is hidden behind a thin white veil, on top of her head is a garland, her body is dressed in a white lace dress which subtly illuminates a white light, around her veil is a blue ether, we are stood so close I can see the tiniest of particles floating within the ethereal, slightly piecing the veil with my eyes I begin to notice the outline of her nose, which is small and rounded.

In height, she is slightly shorter than me, we do not say anything, instead, we share a moment in peace. I think to myself, there was another entity in the room, where did the anonymous being go? I soon realise, it channels directly through me, my nose is snarled like a vicious dog as it snaps at her “Your fucking ugly anyway!” the mannerisms and viciousness were identical to my mother in the pub, the day I first met a freemason, prior to it channelling through me, I had been thinking, why does she hide her face?

I soon regain my composure, I don’t apologise, instead, I advise her “it’s trying to get a reaction from you!” she does not respond verbally, instead she nods her head upwards to acknowledge me but with an ignorant like manner, this offends me, but intellectually, not emotionally, we continue to stand together, enjoying our moment in peace, I then awake in my bed the following morning.

The picture below was provided by the history channel, and program “Ancient Alien’s” upon further investigation, I was informed by a new friend at lunch and a well-published author, Lynn Picknett, this picture could be related to the veil of Isis, the veil of Isis is also regarded as the mysteries of Druidry, and the veil of ignorance, all this was unbeknown to me at the time, could my blood ties be playing a role in this?

Perhaps it’s just coincidental there are similar images of women wearing white dresses, garlands and veils on first-degree tracing boards of the freemasons?

However, again there were repercussions for meeting her in my bedroom…In later life, Im told in a lucid dream her official occupation is to care for other people’s children, the anchor symbol, amongst others, were also very prominent in my life for a short-term after our initial encounter, subsequently, our encounters thereafter were never the same again, they remained vivid, but more like a dream state than an astral projection, the future now included my life long adversary, an evil spirit, known to me as the child catcher, which had haunted me from my youth, this was now consciously integrated.

After learning of her alleged occupation, I make two new friends, I feel compelled but hesitant to share my experiences with them, these two friends do not know of each other, but after revealing my story to them both, and without advising them of her alleged occupation, one of them bursts into tears after seeing the picture above, she then reveals to me, she had witnessed her with her baby brother in his bedroom on the night of his death, the other friend had also witnessed her after a late miscarriage when standing over her son’s basket, both times she wore no veil, but both of them were also unable to reveal her full identity, they said she was translucent in form.

Why did she reveal herself to them in their lifetime and eventually to my ex-wife after our separation, was my encounter with her a method of exploitation or integration?

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