Inanna, Ishtar And Her Big Red Eyes

It’s been 11 years of self-discovery and historical research that have provided me with closure to the majority of my supernatural experiences. Modern and ancient history has provided answers to most of our existing disadvantages, which makes ancient history controversial with our modern-day belief systems.

But the answers have also found me. There were times when I reached dead ends and exhausted my knowledge base, but in a timely manner, new information presented itself, leading to another branch of adventure and self-discovery.

I began investigating ancient history after supernatural events impacted my way of life. Before that, I was only curious about ancient history, esoteric knowledge, Freemasons, and my unaffiliated association with their members.

In my post, “Hoodwinked in The Night,” I explain my encounter with a fair lady with unearthly white skin and large red eyes who embraced me with her right hand. At the time, I lacked knowledge and was unable to elaborate further on my suspicions or connect the dots. However, based on her actions over the years and the associated disadvantages and traumas, I can safely say that her actions and true intentions have spoken for themselves.

While casually scrolling through my daily Instagram feed, I discovered a peculiar post from Annuakihistory representing the Sumerian goddess Inanna/Ishtar. The post stated that she was both lovely and terrible, seducing many great men and then killing them. Her unearthly white skin and glowing red eyes warned those who might answer her as she beckoned with her right hand.

Inanna / Ishtar Inanna is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, war, and fertility. She is also associated with sex, divine law, and political power

The Annunaki were self-proclaimed gods who discovered our planet. Allau, their former king who fled into exile after being overthrown by Anu in a wrestling match, discovered Earth. Anu was considered the natural heir to the throne based on their aristocracy, which was established after a truce on their home planet when they were once divided by war into North and South segments. Although an advanced race, they were a warring race, especially amongst themselves and an inherent problem of our own.

As recorded in the Sumerian tablets, Allalu was in search of gold to redeem his throne and save their planet, Nibiru (Planet X), from its deteriorating ozone layer. This is similar to the stories of our modern-day global warming. Gold’s seductive beauty throughout history may have led people to risk life, limb, and long prison sentences in its pursuit. But there is another reason why gold is so special: its chemistry. Impervious to tarnishing, unlike fellow transitional metals, gold is a pure metal, enabling it to bond with many other atoms. This made it the cure to repairing their ozone layer, perhaps crushed and sprayed into their atmosphere, which is why “The Gods” were mining for gold before creating us, a slave race known as a Lulu (primitive worker).

Humans, a hybrid form spliced with the DNA of our earthly ancestors and mixed with the yolk of the Annunaki, were fashioned in their image to enable us to use their tools and bear their toil. Although made in their image, we were not made in their likeness, this is the genesis story (Genes of Isis). Our limitations were mechanically placed within our DNA helix and limited by knowledge, and the ability to remember previous lives to protect their own immortality, and in turn, creating a slave race to continue mining for gold, as required to save their home planet, and to resolve the mutiny amongst the Igigi (Lesser gods), who could no longer bear the toil of mining.

In turn, we were civilized, a process of softening our manners and taught to worship in submission and to recognise them as gods and goddesses or ambassadors of nature. But history has proven their dysfunctional ways, unlimited lust for power, and glorification appears to have overthrown them, but not before trying to eliminate us for the second time. Previously they attempted to drown us out with deluges, starvation, chemical warfare, and even manipulation, until finally, we were divided and recruited to fight the wars of the gods, God vs. God, Man vs. Man, Allegiances Vs. Allegiances.

Inanna/Ishtar was a manipulator and deceiver of the gods and demi-gods, the offspring of sexual encounters between gods and humans, which created one notable character, Gilgamesh, whom Inanna/Ishtar attempted to seduce.

It would be ludicrous of me to claim that Inanna/Ishtar has been the cause of my personal paranormal experiences. But I can relate to the genesis of the problem and even the methodology used against myself as being reflective or in association with her reputation and identity. Perhaps influenced and implemented by her underlings?

As quoted within the paragraph of Ereshkigal in the Descent of Ianna by the ancient history encyclopaedia:

“Inanna/Ishtar is frequently depicted in Mesopotamian literature as a woman who largely thinks only of herself and her own desires, often at the expense of others.”

I have always considered my own experiences to have a fundamental but explainable nature. Others may consider them mystical or supernatural, and some people will dismiss them as crazy. Whichever you prefer, that’s for you to decide

Based on my own intuition, personal experiences, and historical research, I would also have to declare myself a firm believer in ancient technology. Some of which will be released into our modern-day society, such as “Smart Glass,” which will be installed in cars and many other environments. It will enable the passenger of the vehicle to zoom in closer on passing objects, provide obscurity, watch on-demand programs, check emails, navigation, etc. However, this kind of technology would also enable a better viewpoint from afar distance, as experienced in my post “The Incan Sacrifice Dream: A Journey Through Time”

In comparison to the Annunaki, the human race is primitive. We have been subjected to their acts of cruelty based on our inherent connection to them. Albeit, some strains may be of a higher lineage aka, – blue bloods, but we are all potentially subjected to manipulation based on our value or potential worth to them. Perhaps my worth was related to my family blood ties, which have included Freemasons and Druids, or simply my level of consciousness or energy for those disconnected from the source and in service to self?

But I assure you, if you dedicate yourself to uncovering and filtering your own truths, associated with those anonymous, unfulfilled, negative feelings lurking within yourself, and still haven’t been satisfied with explanations from our modern world, then I encourage you to find the answers you seek, and set in stone within antiquity and forgotten with time.

Only then will you make sense of the corruption within religions, politics, and the education system, which we experience today. As an individual and as a race, we need to evolve, we need to embrace change, and we too should aim to become godlike in our abilities and become masters of our own creations. But within a system that depends on a master and slave relationship, this will not be possible until people begin to awaken and reclaim their true identity and abilities. Until then, if you’re not unplugged from the old world order, then you’re still part of it. And those who continue to wear the blinkers will fight to defend an old world order that continues to enslave them. Until you awake, you will not realise how much the master depends on the slave.

For further reading, I suggest reading the following article from the ancient history encyclopaedia, which explains in great detail the nature of Inanna/Ishtar, referred to by many other names over the course of history.

I have read many books in search of my own answers, and in appreciation of the authors’ dedication to uncovering the truth for humanity, I would like to recommend their books.

1 thought on “Inanna, Ishtar And Her Big Red Eyes

  1. Barry T. says:

    I do not know who you are or when this was posted… but i know exactly what you talk about!!!! She’s been a constant force in my life and this was probably also the verry reason of my current incarnation one of tree entity’s that have shaped every instand of my life… im of kurdish blood and of a line say’d seeded by the watchers en a angel cult that go’s back thausands of years this deity is know as melek taus/azazil/Enki this sort of became the father i never had and in fact taugh all sorts of thing wich i was later instructed to go find all sorts of religious and occult text tracing to where i find it’s roots or to where i believe my personal story began ancient sumeria….concerning the godess of wich u speak i know both her and one of her daughters who resembels her mother a lot both whit sort of the same temprament… she would be rather small in fysical stature who can be a lover a mother en one who build or rather mold her own the becoming a great champignion as long as it is cc ompletly in service of her, for all the things she give she just as easely and in the blink of an eye take away… she’s beautifull sexually super atractive whit a kind and rather inocent demener….as long as you are in good standing, she can just turn into youre worst nightmare in an instant and by the gods yes she can fuck up you and youre life whit snap of her fingers. Also i initialy became awere of her in my minds eye as a pair of female piercing allway’s watchfull eyes beautifull, verry alluring but eminating a sence of power unlike i knew and know tho this day… im convinces she’s seeks to rule the coming new age by follow annu tho the trohne in collaboration whit the enki’te faction determined whipe enlil/Jehova and marduk of the face of the earth this by assesing alegiance’s whit watcher’s and powers of the old world…dose anny of this sound familliar to you….plz reply This is my mail BarryT.709@GMAIL.COM AND HELL MY PHONE NR +32 0486/79/51/62 i live in belgium by the way my name is barry an about a or 36


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