Psychic Burdens: Forewarnings in a Skeptical World

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“Forewarned is forearmed,” so they say, but what if there’s little to nothing one can do to avert the looming threat? At that point, the warning becomes less of a tool and more of a burden to bear—a form of intelligence, weaponised. If the intended recipient cannot truly hear and receive the message, it remains constrained by the limits of the messenger, thus becoming a heavy burden.

I’ve experienced this on two separate occasions. The first involved a family member of my ex-wife, her cousin, Brian Mulligan. I met Brian at the wedding reception of my sister-in-law where I was managing the karaoke and disco. During our brief introduction—amidst a handshake—I had a vivid, horrifying vision: a knife plunging into his heart under the bright sun. Startled, I pretended to fuss over the music selection, buying myself time to recover from this shocking mental image.

Initially, I dismissed the vision as a figment of my imagination or an intrusive thought, yet I couldn’t shake the profound sense of dread that lingered. The fear of what could happen if the vision were true overshadowed everything else.

After my DJ duties, I approached Brian, hoping to subtly warn him without seeming irrational. We struck up a conversation at the bar where he shared his plans to join the army, motivated by a desire to make William—my ex-wife’s father and a former army corporal—proud. I gently contested his reasoning, suggesting that William would be proud regardless of his career path. Based on my vision, I strongly advised against joining the army and even sought William’s support in dissuading him. Unfortunately, my plea met with resistance and disbelief from both.

Despite my intervention, Brian joined the army and served for eight years, including a tour in Iraq, where he distinguished himself. His safe return initially led me to question my mental health, which had been punctuated with visions, out-of-body experiences, shapeshifting and other paranormal encounters.

However, before I could apologise for my earlier warnings, Brian relocated to Barbados to start a new job as a telecom engineer. It was there, tragically, that he was fatally stabbed in the chest during an altercation—eerily similar to my vision. He was only 28.

This event, linked to a confrontation with a suspected drug dealer and possibly influenced by his military service, confirmed my belief in my psychic insights.

Emboldened, I later shared a premonition with a long-term friend, Sean O’Brien, during a night out. Sean and I had been friends since our sea cadet days at the Royal Navy College in Greenwich, which has since been transformed into the University of Greenwich.

Despite our lighthearted evening, I sensed the greatest threat of death to his wellbeing, without hesitation I urged him to take care of his health, hinting at dire consequences if he continued his reckless lifestyle.

Sean soberly acknowledged the warning, revealing his family had expressed similar concerns. Tragically, Sean passed away in his sleep two weeks later.

These experiences have taught me that possessing foreknowledge is a profound, often isolating burden.

Despite my attempts to share my insights, acceptance and understanding from others are rare. The general populace, blinded by scepticism, often overlooks such warnings.

I’ve come to accept that while I can share my visions, I cannot compel belief or action. This realisation, borne from heartache and loss, is my burden to bear.

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