A Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind

As I lay beside my ex-wife, my eyes gently opened to the subtle daylight seeping in through the uncovered double-glazed window. Our limited view offered nothing but the red brickwork of the neighbouring house. Light navigated through narrow passages on either side of the building, partially illuminating our small, awkward bedroom. The light-yellow walls bore marks and scuffs from previous tenants, and a faint smell of mould lingered in the damp corner by the window. Located above a funeral parlour our living was less-than-ideal, but we were resilient, having decided to cohabit once again for mutual reasons.

The new, firm mattress supported me as I lay on my back, my partner facing the window with her back towards me. But I sensed we were not alone. Turning to face the door, I was approached by a mysterious woman in white, her identity obscured by a misty veil. As she elegantly straddled me, I felt a mixture of shock, awe, and nervousness. My partner lay inches away, oblivious to the encounter.

Maple Road – Penge

The enigmatic woman fulfilled my hidden desires, intimately knowing me in a way that left me both thrilled and perplexed. As I neared my climax, I drifted back to sleep, only to awaken feeling a mix of pleasure, disappointment, and curiosity. The vivid experience left me questioning the nature of my encounter and longing for more.

Throughout my life, I’ve had dreams and out-of-body experiences. I wondered if this mysterious woman was a djinn, an angel, a demon, or a combination of these entities. Why did she conceal her true self, revealing only glimpses of her personality in specific situations?

Was she a phantom lover, a conjured counterpart, or a renegade light being? My curiosity grew, but I also wanted to remain grounded and not jeopardise my sense of reality.

Despite the difficulty in convincing myself that this was merely a vivid fantasy, I decided not to dwell on the experience and continued with my day-to-day tasks. One afternoon, feeling tired, I lay down for a nap.

Soon, I found myself once again in the presence of the veiled woman in white. This time, however, our encounter was far from sexual.

The mysterious woman held a long sword and began to slowly insert it into my centre chakra. The blade slid down into my lower chakras, and I felt an eerie sensation of dying. But this was not a mortal death; it was the death of a dark passenger hiding within my very being. As the sword pierced deeper, I clenched forward whilst feeling the dark passenger binding itself around the blade of the sword until I lost consciousness.

Upon awakening, I felt revitalised, and my life began to change for the better. Positive experiences unfolded, and even negative situations offered valuable lessons. My thoughts and perceptions shifted towards intrapersonal communication, intelligence, and emotions. The distinction between right and wrong blurred, as my intentions grew truer to myself.

Had the enigmatic woman in white vanquished the anonymous dark entity lurking within me, the same being that hopped into my heart chakra on our first encounter? Though I may never fully understand her purpose or identity, I cannot deny the impact she’s had on my life. The close encounter with the fifth kind left me with more questions than answers, but also with an undeniable sense of growth and transformation.

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