A Haunting Past: Healing Through Understanding

Nestled by the sea, my quaint town is a picturesque haven for retirees, a creative hub, and a sanctuary for those wrestling with mental health issues. With panoramic views of the English Channel and France visible on a clear day, it’s no wonder people flock here to find solace.

Seeking clarity and respite from the chaos of city life, I returned to my roots in Kent after living in London for 19 years. The serene natural environment was a welcome change, but it also reminded me of my paranormal experiences during my youth, which included night terrors, sleep paralysis, and haunting mental images. Over time, these unsettling encounters faded from my memory as the material world offered other challenges.

One evening, as I walked home from the train station, I encountered a peculiar individual whose appearance could easily haunt children’s dreams. To my surprise, they resembled the cacodemon (evil spirit) from my childhood nightmares. Instead of feeling terror, I saw this person’s appearance as a symbolic representation of my past tormentor.

Later, I discovered this individual was a mental health patient in the area. Was my subconscious projecting my fears into reality, or was there a deeper connection between my mind and the world around me?

Cacodemons, I believe, exploit vulnerability and negativity to control a mind, much like a parasite invading an insect. These malicious entities may stem from past lives, subtly influencing the mind without completely taking over. By recognizing their presence and seeking knowledge and understanding, we can elevate our consciousness and overcome their grip.

The film Revolver perfectly illustrates this manipulative mindset, with the character Mr Gold representing the cacodemon and the mental opponent in everyone involved in the story.

Evil exists within nature and cannot be entirely eradicated. However, ignorance isn’t the solution. The polarisation and misunderstanding deeply entrenched in belief systems make it difficult for society to empathize with and understand spiritual matters. Those experiencing such phenomena are often unfairly labelled as “crazy.”

One day, while working at my desk, I sensed my childhood cacodemon’s presence once more. I glanced out the window to see its visage embodied in a person walking by. This encounter further solidified my understanding of the connection between mental health and our perceptions of reality.

Mental health and identity are complex, multifaceted issues. Our experiences, paranormal or mundane, shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It’s essential to approach these topics with empathy and an open mind, transcending labels to embrace the diversity of human experience. Only through understanding and compassion can we genuinely find unity in our shared humanity.

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