Awakening Experience

The next day I would be flying to Miami for two weeks of software training for my new job with Sungard, which was the third-largest software company in the world, prior to their acquisition by FIS.

International business travel was a goal I had always hoped to achieve, and it came with all the perks too, paid expenses, hire car, and a double room at the Marriott hotel in Fort Lauderdale, it all seemed too good to be true, considering none of my previous incidents had been resolved, which made me apprehensive.

I had settled in nicely at the London office and found everyone on my team to be friendly and approachable, they assisted me wherever they could, but due to the software being made by an American vendor, my training had to be conducted in Miami.

My manager was British and originally from Devon, but he was remote and living in Miami, I like to think we hit it off from the beginning, he was a good guy and easy to talk to, I was looking forward to meeting him in person.

This was my first time travelling abroad on my own, and my public speaking for the A4E back to work program had been approved for public release too, but the feedback I received from production was controversial, what I had said about the education system was apparently “heresy” and considered “An unorthodox approach to change” by those in government, this was resting on my mind, in addition, the afternoon before flying I received an unexpected message on Facebook from my old freemason friend wishing me “A Big Good Luck”, this made me feel uncomfortable considering the experiences I had with him, personally and professionally.

I would later discover my surname should have been Evestaff by birthright

I was watching the TV trying to relax when I heard a crystal-clear, well-spoken feminine voice in my left ear “Are you a Freemason?” I was astonished to hear the voice of a young woman, but I took the question into consideration and responded in mind “Based on all of the influence and involvement they have had on my life, I believe I am to be”, but there was no response.

My wife was in the living room sitting on the floor beside me whilst I sat on the sofa with her back facing me, moments later I felt something enter my heart, it hurt a little which had me slightly panicked, then I felt something begin to expand, simultaneously it began to expand across my chest, down both arms, legs, then up towards my head and out of my mouth and eyes, when it reached my eyes, this could only be described as warm yellow light, but not like that of the lady I met when hoodwinked in the night, which was a white light.

The light gradually dispersed externally and faded away, all this happened in under a minute, the first thing I did was stand up, I felt fine, I then walked over to the window and looked up at the sky to check what could have caused that sensation, but I saw nothing unusual, it was a sunny day with blue skies, but nothing intense enough to penetrate through the nets and curtains to claim cause to my experience, I then returned to the sofa.

My wife was oblivious, My mind felt clear so I was able to remain calm and collected, I asked if she had noticed anything unusual a moment ago, “No” she said, as I sat back down on the sofa I began to analyse my thoughts from a different perspective until a vivid image began to appear in my mind’s eye, I was looking into my heart, in the darkness was a young boy, he appeared no more than three years of age, he was sitting on the floor within a black iron cage, his legs were up against his chest, as he hugged them with his arms and crying, he was lonely, neglected, wearing a dirty pillowcase of a body-covering, his wrists and ankles were shackled with black clamps.

As my vision began to approach the boy, I realised it was me, I was the child, but I had forgotten how relevant this was to the paranormal activities of my younger years, without speaking to my wife, I went upstairs to our toilet, sat on the toilet seat and began to cry, it all began to make sense, I had to see what I could sense about myself but couldn’t understand, with this information I was able to begin the process of liberating myself.

I had felt enslaved since my childhood, and compromised by my emotional ties to an abusive and neglectful family, all this prevented me from being happy, and from being the true version of myself, as a child, I was regularly disciplined, this would be severe if I didn’t do as commanded, taught to fear the repercussions, expected to be seen but not heard, and to never ask for anything, I had been dragged up and given a dog’s life.

For me, seeing was believing, but I had many questions – how, where or who did I receive the light from, and what did it this mean?

For the remainder of the day I just stared at the TV, I wasn’t paying much attention to it, until it dawned on me I was flying to Miami the following morning, I thought the timing was poor, I ate what I could, packed my suitcase and went to bed, my wife fell straight to sleep, which was unusual, she suffered from insomnia, but I remained awake, I was considering cancelling my business trip.

As I lay face down on my pillow I felt my eyes flicker for a brief moment, this spooked me, had I nearly suffered an epileptic fit? I have never suffered from those, a moment later, it happened again, for twice as long, then I heard the words from a remote male voice, “We are the controlling elite, your father and god are in the room” before I could begin to process how true or possible that could be, I dived under the duvet cover from fear, I could feel the presence of two people in the bedroom, I could sense one of them had their hand raised with the index finger extended, and with each drop of the finger I felt intense shingles pulsate throughout my entire body, from head-to-toe, I could anticipate how many times this was going to happen, 1, 2, 3, because it was agreed that the god from my childhood would have to identify himself this way, something I had requested when I was a young boy, not an adult.

Although I was raised in a catholic primary school, I always doubted the existence of a monotheistic god, I needed a scientific explanation, but after feeling those shingles pulsate through me, I was petrified!!

It was the most intense and crippling fear I could ever imagine, it was my worst nightmare come true, in an attempt to gain control of the situation I began to shove and kick my wife in her back as she continued to sleep, but she wouldn’t awake.

Without thinking, or reason, I impulsively asked are you male or female? There was silence, actual consideration, then he responded, I’m male, his voice was in the bedroom, but there were two presences in the bedroom, he was stood to the right of the room, the other was at the bottom of our bed, slightly touching my foot, then the male voice said, “Relax, we are not going to hurt you”, I was thinking, not now your not, but responded “I can’t, I’m too afraid” that’s when I felt a head pop in through the duvet and kiss me on my cheek, the duvet was no boundary.

I could feel his thick stubble pressed against my right cheek, he hadn’t shaved, I then hear my dad’s voice, “Go get her” I had no understanding what he meant by this, other than my assumptions based on being hoodwinked in the night, and the awakening experience that afternoon.

Nothing more was said, their presence faded and I remained scared under the duvet, it took me at least 30 minutes to calm down, eventually, I drifted off to sleep from sheer emotional exhaustion.

My regret was not having the courage to look out from the duvet and verify them for myself…

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