Lights, Camera, Action!

As a movie buff, I have always been fascinated by the magic of the silver screen. While I’m not great at remembering the names of most actors, working within the film industry has certainly improved my knowledge.

Attending secret cinema events, and film conventions, collecting memorabilia, and binge-watching movies on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and NowTV has been an amazing experience. But why just watch when you can join the cast and bring the movie to life?

Freelancing in the film industry is a fantastic way of life. It offers incredible freedom of choice, and the industry is well-suited to working with freelancers, especially if you’re looking for an additional income or if, like me, you’re completely passionate about the craft.

Movies have always been my escape, my friends, and the home of creativity. Through movies, dreams can be projected, and stories shared while creating new experiences for the audience in the comfort of their own homes. What’s not to love about it?

I must confess, I do have some drama experience. I attended the Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology for a brief period of time. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I had to cut it short. But I was determined to succeed, so I pursued a career in finance technology. Now, with extensive technical experience under my belt, and with the ability to freelance, I decided to revisit my passion for the performing arts too.

Since October 2016, I’ve had the privilege of working on some major productions, including Goodbye Christopher Robin, Darkest Hour, Stan and Ollie, and a featured role in season 2 of the Netflix series, The Crown, you can check out my professional actor profile on IMDB, which contains a list of my filmography

Despite the problems I have endured and overcome, none of this would have been possible if had I continued down the path I was originally pursuing…

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