Reptilian Shapeshifters: Questioning the Unbelievable

Some people accept the existence of God without the need for proof, while others dismiss the possibility of a higher power if it cannot be evidentially proven, I fall into the category of needing proof to validate my own personal experiences, but every now and again, I have to go out on a limb, in the hope that others may have the answers that myself and others are seeking.

Many people from around the world have spoken out after witnessing shapeshifting, whilst others have probably kept it to themselves, due to the fear of repercussions or being labelled and dismissed as crazy, perhaps society wasn’t ready to learn of these possibilities at the time, perhaps the consequences of being outcast and isolated is just too much to bare after working so hard for popularity and influence, for others, perhaps their religious beliefs don’t allow them to acknowledge such events.

I’m open-minded, I don’t tend to focus on right or wrong, because I honestly don’t believe we know any better ourselves to be so sure, so I focus more on understanding, even if a self-proclaimed God stood in my bedroom, I would ask for credentials, without this validation, I continue to doubt, this will keep me guessing, but only through doubt and the lack of trust was I able to reveal the truth for myself whilst upholding my own reasoning.

Ghandi once said, even if you are the minority of one, the truth is the truth. I agree with this, but with shapeshifting, the mind requires validation, not necessarily recognition from others, because logically speaking, witnesses know how hard it is for others to comprehend this, but we all have the ability to help each other, sharing is caring and although our logical reasons and experiences may differ, every little helps to reveal more of the truth.

No matter how open-minded and accepting I may have believed I was when shapeshifting occurs, it’s extremely difficult for the mind to comprehend, let alone the ability to accept it. For me to accept these supernatural incidents, it took a total of 6 attempts by 4 different individuals, to prove and support the fact that shapeshifting isn’t just a conspiracy theory, and it’s not limited to one type of race either, in my opinion, witness reports focus entirely on the reptilians, which is understandable, naturally, they are more aggressive and dominant, so they’re more likely to use this to their advantage, which serves their agenda, but definitely not limited to just a specific group of people, such as the infamous Freemasons.

I’m not saying I haven’t witnessed a known Freemason shapeshift, I truly have, by someone I personally knew for 11 years, he did this on 3 separate occasions, but for the additional 3 people, I was unaware of their affiliations, if there were any.

Eventually, I found the courage to confront and to verbalise this to the person directly, “You’re a Reptilian” This was an act of validation and affirmation for myself only, which I expected him to deny, but to my astonishment, his response was, “Yeah, so what” and then shrugged his shoulders.

I was well aware I couldn’t prove his ability to shapeshift, and he knew this too, which is why I decided to confront him, what did I have to lose?

However, to then start implying that all Freemasons are reptilian shapeshifters doesn’t make sense to me either, congregating together would make them an easy target for retaliation, so in my opinion, it makes sense to have a mix of unsuspecting people within your outer circles to protect yourself from the people with plausible deniability. Historically speaking, shapeshifters would have been considered demigods.

The first time I witnessed shapeshifting, I was with a group of friends at their home, I was sitting sharing the sofa with a wall to my right, when suddenly and without reason, my friend turns and looks at me directly in the eyes and at nose length, I find myself waiting for him to speak, initially, I don’t see the difference, but gradually I begin to notice small scales appearing around his eye sockets, however, his irises remain human.

We remain silent whilst my long-term friends to the left of him were oblivious to my confrontation, but he continues to stare at me, which enables me to take my time to analyse and interpret what I was witnessing, however, the lighting was poor and I had consumed alcohol that evening, so I decided this was caused by light, shadows and alcohol, anything to not accept this weird abnormality, and therefore I thought no more of it.

On the second occasion, I was again challenged by the same person, and this time it was a lot harder to dismiss, we were alone, just the two of us in his car, whilst he was driving down the M20, it was a beautiful sunny day and the skies were clear blue, he had invited me out for a day of water skiing, we were driving on the motorway and I was looking out of the window to my left when he prompts my attention with a question, so I turn and look at him when I do, I notice nothing unusual, then gradually his face begins to blur in a fluid and transitional motion, my eyes can’t focus on what’s happening and I can’t comprehend what’s evolving in front of me either until finally a solid form reemerges and clarity is restored, but now I’m looking at what can only be described as a hybrid, reptilian form with small scales and a light olive skin tone, his nose is now unified with his mouth, he then turns his head towards me and presents me with a big closed grin.

All this happens whilst he is driving like he had done it a thousand times before, it was second nature to him, He had all the similarities of a snake, but still, his features resembled a likeness of him as a person too. Shapeshifting isn’t something you would understand by watching an American werewolf movie or an unclear Youtube video, it’s much more graceful, it has a natural flow with a soft transition, and from my observation, it’s an ability to unlock and transform your DNA structure, perhaps with the use of “Tools of the mind”

The personal conflict of trying to understand what I had witnessed was a horrendous experience, rather than the act itself, so I remained silent, whilst he continued to look at me, I then turn my head away to the window on my left, and eventually, he speaks again, “Your going to be a millionaire by the time your 30” This prediction unsettled me even more, and I remained silent for the rest of the drive.

I shook my head no furiously, denying his claims, this was now becoming too much for me to tolerate, but I couldn’t escape from a moving car, that would be insane. This was entrapment.

His response to my rejection and continued silence was, ‘I’m not usually wrong about these things’, who was I to argue!? but I didn’t care to know or want to accept anything he had to say, I just wanted to understand why I had to witness these things, I considered him to be volatile, so instead, I try to reconcile my thoughts, I say to myself, “Well this confirms it then” reminding myself of the previous incident, I remain silent until we reach our destination when we arrive, I go and sit alone by the water, this helps to settle my mind and to comprehend what had just happened, whilst I’m sat alone, I hear a gentlemen skier ask him if I was ok, his response to him was, ‘oh yeah, he’s fine, he’s just seriously serious

I turn and look towards the concerned skier and acknowledge him, confirming I’m ok, but at that moment, I realised what I had witnessed was of a malevolent intention. So, for the remainder of the day, we keep our discussions to a minimum, before sharing an awkward journey home. I’m now 38 and I’m not a millionaire, so he obviously wanted to apply further inconceivable ideas, to torment my rationale.

On the third and final time whilst at my friend’s home, where we would always congregate, I was upstairs playing computer games with my old school pal, until I was called down and asked if I would like to watch a movie, he had just arrived, and as you can imagine, our friendship was growing even more distant, but naively I considered his request to be an olive branch, reluctantly, I accept his invitation and go downstairs, leaving my school friend upstairs in his bedroom, this time, the sister of my school friend is searching through her DVD collection with her back to us, my partner was with her and was standing in the doorway to my right.

The furniture within the living room had been rearranged on this occasion, so the Freemason is sitting on the sofa to my left, whilst I stand next to the sofa arm on his right, I didn’t want to sit initially, but he keeps trying to signal my attention with his hands, by stretching his arms up in the air and then out in front of him whilst wiggling his fingers, when he has my attention, he rests his hands on his thighs and starts to tap his fingers, I take the bait and look, it was an early summer evening and the lighting in the room was fine, as I look at his hands, I’m thinking to myself what the hell is he doing? when the not so obvious reason occurs, this time, he shapeshifts his hands and his fingers, just as he did in the car, the scales are the same, but his nails convert by extending, just as you would expect from claw like and scaley features, and they certainly looked like they could do some damage, so I considered this to be a threat, the atmosphere soon felt like a hostile situation.

My friend’s sister continues to skip through some DVDs, she was searching for some of the best clips she had watched at home that week whilst we decide which movie to watch, she decides to play a slasher scene, in this scene the lady gets brutally murdered and slashed down the back multiple times whilst basking in the lake. The timing couldn’t have been any better, the scene was brutal.

I was unsure of his intentions. Later, he then asks me a seemingly innocuous question, and I answered carefully, trying not to provoke him further. “if I could have any job in the world, what would it be?” My response was to be a movie critique, so he asks what my review would be for that movie scene, I respond, it was “Insanely grotesque” and considering what I had just witnessed from him, I didn’t want to push his buttons either, so he reassures me with a compliment, that’s the best review he has ever heard. The tension was then neutralised.

That was the last time I ever witnessed him shapeshift, I could live with that, but not the consuming bitterness he had growing inside of him, which was consistently focused towards me. I was sitting on the lounge floor with my friend, we were playing guitar hero, I wasn’t expecting him to arrive, but the home wasn’t mine, it belonged to my friend’s sister and considering they were quite close, I couldn’t object to him visiting.

He makes his way into the living room, this time his attitude was brutal and vicious from the offset, no hello, nothing, instead he asks my school friend whilst I continue to play, “is that how a cunt plays the guitar?!!” The room goes awkwardly quiet, we all look at each other, and ignore his vulgar question, so I continue playing.

Suddenly, in front of everyone, at least 4 people including me, he jumps to his feet from the sofa, with his knees bent, arms down by his side and his middle and index fingers arched upwards, he appears to be pulling something up from the floor, and then starts to shout, “Give me the power!” As if the lust for power and dominance had finally consumed him, Now the room is awkwardly silent, you could hear a needle drop, it was cringe-worthy, again, we all look at each other again, we all say nothing and continue as we were, he sits back down, nothing else is mentioned.

As our friendship grew more strained, I found myself in a number of professional situations involving him. He set me up with a job at a global PR company and put me forward as a case study for a government-funded project. I struggled with the stress of these situations and the bizarre incidents that kept occurring.

The professional reasons to stay in contact with him was due to being employed by a global PR Company, which the freemason had set me up with and without my consent by inviting the CEO of this company to my wife’s 30th birthday party which we held at the honour oak pub, something the CEO later confirmed when placed on the spot by his finance director, who was doubting my claim that I had met the CEO at the party prior to my offer of employment.

After the party, the CEO was escorted back to a car by a tall black man wearing a bright white jumper, who was hostile in manner, but he decides to approach me and quote the phrase from the movie, Total Recall, “Hey Man, I got five kids to feed” implying his loyalty could be brought, but considering the CEO was voted Silicon Valley Power player by the PR Week magazine, their association was absurd.

When confronted by his finance director, the CEO’s reluctant and trembling response, after being placed on the spot and verbally asked 3 times from across the office floor, “in front of the entire department “Do you know this person!? Have you met him before“, before giving his response, “He’s a charity case!! “ This was a newsflash moment to me and not something I would wish anyone to experience, especially when hearing this from someone I barely knew, what was I involved in!!!?

During the time of this employment, The Freemason had decided to place me forward as a case study to provide public speaking services for the DWP, a back-to-work program, produced by Yoodoo – which was done prior to obtaining my consent.

Instead, I received a phone call stating, I hope you don’t mind, but I placed you forward as a case study for a government-funded project I am working on which is relevant to your background, rather than to take offence, I considered the benefits of the public recognition and the cause I would be contributing too, “A4e – Improving people’s lives” but at the time, I was unaware he was a shareholder of Yoodoo, so again, he was working in his own interests and as an outcome of this public speaking, which was unpaid, I was labelled a heretic by those in government, claiming I was “An unorthodox approach to change

After these incidents, I was then physically assaulted in public, whilst being bullied and humiliated at the workplace. I just couldn’t handle it anymore, I was under severe stress, so when the finance director who had confronted the CEO pulled me aside and advised me, “If I want it to stop, go to the doctors” and so I did, I then got signed off sick, due to stress and I never returned to the company.

I was then placed into a long-term contract role within a stock brokerage 3 days later, but the doctor advised me what I told him was hard to believe, but reassured me, I was not crazy, however, understandably I was suffering from high stress and recommended I take medication to relieve me of this.

Everything stopped, no more fires on my doorstep, no damage to my car, no physical assaults, no gang-stalking to and from the place of work, nothing, I was finally left alone to recuperate, surely this was plausible deniability of any wrongdoing which had been conducted against me previously, and so I now considered the flies to be on me.

I totally understood how it may now appear to others, but I honestly didn’t care, nobody could comprehend it anyway, and I didn’t have the support I needed to fight back, so I soaked it up and had a very pleasant time working within my new role. I even managed a Christmas holiday in New York.

After I provide my public speaking services, I gradually cut my ties with the freemason and everyone else associated with him, our paths unexpectedly crossed once or twice at networking events in London, but after receiving a death threat from him in a pub garden, where he threatened to “Wrap me up in cling film and set me on fire so nobody would identify me” I decided this was more serious than ever, he was behaving like an untouchable, which I reported at Lewisham police station, but there were no consequences for his behaviour and the rabbit hole just went deeper.

I mentioned that there were three more shapeshifting incidents involving three different individuals. Before joining the PR company, I worked at a stock brokerage in East London. I decided to move on for various reasons: the office was unsanitary, with years of hair grease buildup on the backs of chairs and a rat infestation, and the odour during summer was unbearable. Additionally, two team members despised me. All of this happened while the incidents with my Freemason friend were taking place.

One of the team members was very competitive, which I understood due to my defensive nature at the time. However, the other individual was a bully, displaying extreme aggression and volatility towards me. He would humiliate me on the train and at work, excluding me from staff breakfast runs whenever possible. Beneath the surface, though, I sensed something familiar in him – his traits and mannerisms were strikingly similar to my Freemason friend.

Despite wanting to leave, I had to be cautious as the recession had just begun, bonuses were denied, redundancies loomed, and I had a mortgage to pay. I eventually accepted an 18-month fixed-term contract with a PR company. Just before leaving, the bully questioned my decision, implying consequences if I left. In his final act of intimidation, he shapeshifted his face, revealing a snakelike reptilian form, when nobody else was around. This only confirmed my suspicions about him.

Starting at the PR company, I received a cold welcome during the Christmas party. The finance director begrudgingly allowed me to join the lunch, making me feel humiliated. I nearly quit then and there, but financial obligations prevented me from doing so.

That same week, while on a train to Hammersmith, a sophisticated man in a long winter coat stared at me intensely. When I looked back, his eyes were completely black, like those of the “black-eyed children” reported in some stories. He grinned maliciously as I averted my gaze for the remainder of the journey.

My final encounter with a shapeshifter occurred shortly before my redundancy and subsequent homelessness. but this individual was different, showing compassion and sharing some knowledge, but in the long-term, it was proven they simply changed tactics, creating constructive negatives.

As he spoke to me at the office, I turn to glance at his face and saw that his irises had turned emerald green, resembling a beautiful Green nebula. He eventually revealed his purpose, to help me find my way, but not to support or provide assistance to me outside of work.

A day or two after witnessing his shapeshifting, I found myself staring into his eyes, hoping to see his emerald green nebula eyes once more, but he soon realised this, paused his conversation, and said, “You know” – confirming that he wouldn’t be revealing his abilities again. This was the last time I ever witnessed shapeshifting in 2011.

Looking back on these shocking experiences, it’s evident that they took a toll on me. Before my business trip to Miami, my heart had nothing more to give, and I was at the lowest point in my life. I had knowledge but lacked wisdom, and I felt isolated, knowing the things I had seen but having no resolution for my troubled soul.

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