The Light Bearers’ Burden: A Spiritual Odyssey

The day my radiant, sun-like guardian entered my consciousness, she began to unveil answers to my suffering through various methods. In particular, she granted me access to information that had been inaccessible to me.

During a brief remote viewing session, enabled by my encounter with this new guardian, I became aware of the veiled lady in white’s obligations as a light being to serve the light. I found myself consciously standing high above a temple hallway, surrounded by large marble-like plinths and a wide stairway leading up towards me. The veiled lady, now unveiled, had just entered the temple. I was unaware that my right arm was already raised and fixed in place, immovable. I appeared to be part of a statue holding a torch that shone a bright and clear white light, reminiscent of the unveiled lady’s aura.

At this moment, I realised that my consciousness resided within the brilliant white light – the torch’s flame. This light was not only a source of illumination but also a conscious being in its own, striving to preserve its existence from the actions the priestess would soon take. The person holding the torch, possibly my new guardian, was the torchbearer, protecting and maintaining the integrity of the light.

My movement was limited; I could only move my eyes and neck ever so slightly, but not my body. It was as if I wasn’t entirely myself, but rather, sharing consciousness with this statue or superior being. As the unveiled lady in white reached the bottom of the stairs, she bowed her head towards the floor and knelt on one knee, seemingly paying tribute and respect to the light which I found myself to be consciously a part of, and to the bearer of the torch and light. At that moment, I realised that she had once been a priestess at a temple of light, but for her own reasons, she was going to betray the light, disconnect from the source for her own personal gains, and be in service to self, Unbeknownst to me, her decision and manipulation of the light would become my burden to bear.

My struggles and truths in life were interconnected. As I strived to understand why this veiled lady in white had been attached to me since birth, I began to see the bigger picture. My mother had witnessed her looming over my cot during my childhood, but I was unaware that, through no fault of my own, I was to become a child of injustice. This truth would weigh heavily upon me, as I bore the consequences of her actions and my own efforts to preserve my life force amidst the darkness she had brought into my world.

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