The Injustice System

Some people awaken from knowledge, others without learning of meditation techniques or any form of spiritual guidance, they simply awaken because they can’t tolerate the suffering anymore, unfortunately, I was in this category.

I felt something was missing from my life, and wanted to find fulfilment, somehow? But how? These were the mysteries I would learn of empirically.

I had suffered immensely from a dysfunctional and abusive family and from corruption, my struggles were antagonistic as I strived to discover my truth’s, and it wasn’t subjective to my thoughts only, but induced by external influences, before my awakening experience there were a chain of events preventing me from obtaining further knowledge, but turning away wasn’t an option for me anymore, I couldn’t continue to feel the way I did, especially without understanding why I felt this way, but obtaining my truth wasn’t in the best interests of those in my social circles and family ties. I was being forced to live a lie.

My family had always been neglectful and abusive, being raised in a dysfunctional environment was normal for me, my family would eventually betray me to protect themselves from prosecution. My mum had a string of relationships with violent men, but her existing husband is a sex offender with 9 accounts and 2 guilty pleads and convictions under his belt, he is a serial offender, if convicted, he was facing a long term sentence, instead, my family plotted against me to prevent the course of justice.

During this transitional time in my life, I was also being assaulted in public, gang-stalked, and bullied at the workplace, my life was dominated by fear, control and their service to self, and sustained by general ignorance from society, including my friends, it was easier for them to dismiss me as crazy than except the possibility I needed help, crimes committed against me were organised and tactical, and therefore considered unrelated due to the bureaucracy of the law and the method of how the crimes were committed.

Working towards my Awakening Experience

During this time I had fires lit on my front doorstep whilst my wife and I slept, my car windows had been broken five or more times, our home defaced, and I was being gang-stalked to and from my place of work, at the office I was being intimidated, humiliated, and bullied.

I had my former freemason buddy, Nick, to thank for the privilege of that job, but no, this isn’t a freemason lynching, but possibly a bad grape. Nick had developed a vicious and spiteful contempt towards me and without a given reason, making it harder to justify, his actions were of a constructive-negative, with plausible deniability.

Eventually, I would discover the truth about my ancestral bloodlines and their association with Freemasonry and Druidry.

The first related assault occurred on my way home from work, it was a Friday night and I had been out drinking with a school friend when I was forewarned by an unknown person at city bar, “You’re going to get beaten up on the way home” I thought this unknown, well-dressed guy had mistaken me for someone else, my friend heard this too as he stood beside me waiting to be served, he too believed this to be random nonsense, and advised me to ignore him, which I did.

At work, that same day I been forewarned, I was employed by a PR communications company when a female colleague from a business subsidiary, located in the same building on the floor above came and sat at the team desk for the day, which was uncommon due to being separate entities, but she spent most of the day asking me personal questions, and digging for information, towards the end of the day she made me aware her sinuses felt blocked, especially beneath her right eye, as she continued to rub it, she said it felt like a black eye, under normal circumstances this would be a general banter, but she wanted me to acknowledge, I fully understand and accept it was under her right eye, insinuating I should be concerned.

I was on the receiving end of much abuse at this company, verbally and psychologically, which I reported to human resources, apparently, according to my management, who had chosen to hire me, I was a stinker, crazy, incompetent, a traitor and English swine, the two female colleagues who had provided me with compassion and reassurance against these vile statements were considered whores and mental! It was a very unfriendly and toxic place to work, but not unrelated to the bitterness towards me outside the workplace.

I initially met Tim the CEO of the communications company when he arrived at my wife’s 30th mascarade ball uninvited, but he was a friend of Nick, who had invited Tim to the party, Nick advised me of this on the night of the party when it was too late to object, I was ordering drinks from the bar, he then followed up by a random statement of “Forewarned is forearmed” – The party was hosted at the Honor Oak Pub in Forest Hill, London.

Tim was accompanied by a lady, possibly his wife, but they – Nick and Tim remained in the garden, they also had an additional friend, a black male dressed in casual clothes wearing a white sweater who drove a white BMW car, he wasn’t introduced to me, but approached me when leaving and said “Hey man, I got five kids to feed” this is a quote from the film Total Recall, and like the cab driver from the film, he was insinuating his loyalty could be bought or was a traitor.

Tim’s attendance was confirmed at the party when his former Chief financial officer, David accosted him in the office to undermine me in front of everyone, after I had told him, I knew of and met Tim before I was hired, repeating himself, David shouted across the room to Tim “Have you met him before? have you met this guy before working here, he says he knows you!?

Tim responded awkwardly and hesitantly “He’s a charity case” this was new knowledge to me, it was after this confrontation, I was eventually assaulted on the way home from work.

On the way home, I had to catch a connecting bus from Peckham to Forest hill when a White BMW pulled up beside me waiting for a connecting bus home, the car windows were tinted, nothing was said, before moving into the bus station opposite and circling the area to intimidate me, I then decided to walk home, In an attempt to reveal their identity, I decide to open the rear door of the white BMW car as I passed by it through the bus park, pretending I had mistaken their car for a cab service, when I opened the rear car door, the driver started shouting at me, “Close the door, This isn’t a cab!!”

I had enough time to glimpse the arm of a man dressed in business attire, sitting on the back seat of the car, he was wearing the same black wool overcoat as the guy from the bar that evening.

I then continued to walk through Peckham high street when I was stopped and searched by the police, these two male officers wanted to know why I was walking alone through Peckham high street, they also decided to remove my pen from me as it could be used as a weapon. After this, they told me to continue on my way home.

1000 yards up the road were three young males all dressed in white sports clothing, standing on the corner beneath a street lamp, they were obviously gang associated, but I had little choice but to walk past them.

When I did, the, they stopped me, asked me if I was gang-affiliated and demanded I tell them where I had been that evening, they then continued to demand I empty my pockets and give my items to them, my wallet, keys and mobile phone, which I did, but then something unexpected happened, they gave me back my items and asked me to give them a contact number, if I didn’t, or nobody answered, they said they were going to beat me up, so I did, my home landline number. They then proceeded to call the number and confirmed it rang and answered, I was then told to continue walking and if I turned around I would be assaulted. 

I continued to walk on, with all of my possessions with me, thinking this was too good to be true and anticipating the inevitable, suddenly the white BMW car from the bus stop which had been circulating pulls up beside me on the left-hand side of the road, I then realise, I’m in check-mate, I can’t outrun them, and I cannot go backwards, so I come to a halt, feeling someone standing close behind me, I take a deep breath and turn around, one of the gang members is toe-to-toe with me, the assault begins, I receive a large punch to my right eye, which sends me down, then as I lay on the floor I receive three more direct punches to the front of my face, I automatically roll over to my left, face down and receive to taps on my right shoulder and expect more, but then a familiar voice calls from the car “He has had enough!” The assault stops. 

I pick myself up, sweating and disorientated, I regain my balance and look around, specifically up at a street lamp with a clear white light, which appears to expand and enter my right pupil, I then wipe my bloody face, calm as Hindu cows the car and gang members remain stood patiently, nothing is said, we look at each other and I turn and continue to walk home, slowly.

When I arrive home, my wife calls for an ambulance and i’m taken to the hospital. I am concussed and have a minor fracture under the right eye socket.

The following morning I receive a phone call, it’s my attacker, he struggles to speak, but apologies! Then after an awkward silence, he says “Marcus” – Now I’m really confused!

After that, I continue to receive a few odd calls inquiring about what I do for a living, how much I earn etc, but I refuse to give this information, and the phone calls eventually stop, the gang-stalking begins, for months, the stress grows.

The following day two female officers attend my home and take my statement, but they blame me for the incident and refuse to accept how I could walk away from the scene of the crime without calling for the police, their arrogance is sickening, they continue to tell me I probably drank too much and was most likely confused and fell over, my wife insists they take me seriously, but they make their excuses and leave, the case is then closed promptly the following Monday.

After The Awakening

On this occasion, my wife was present with me, we had a day out in Greenwich and decided to have a drink at the mean time bar on campus at the University of Greenwich, it was also to reminisce about the days of being trained as a Navy cadet at the Royal Navy College, this became the university of Greenwich. Again we were both sat at the bar waiting to order drinks when the same looking guy, well-groomed in appearance approaches the bar and said, “You’re going to get beaten up on the way home”

At this time in my life, I had new goals and my life changes were progressive, but again I was physically assaulted on the way home, this time on the dockland light railway. The assault was unprovoked by me and committed by at least five people, of course, the standard procedure is to call the police, report the crime, go to the hospital and wait for them to begin an official investigation and close it without further information. 

It’s unfortunate for me that all six cameras on the docklands light railway carriage were not working that evening, however, the cameras were in operation on the platforms which recorded me being assaulted and falling out of the carriage onto the platform, photos were taken from this, and multiple other locations they alighted from, the plan was to print images from these by the British transport police as they believed my attackers were from the university campus, and so they would be circulating these pictures around the university of Greenwich, they also believed them to be students, coincidently, the person who punched me wore the same colours as my previous attacker’s, a very new and bright white sweater.

One of the nicknames of the female gang members was known as “Razor” as she danced around the carriage, spraying rotten perfume everywhere, and instigating the assault by asking the rhetorical question, “Do you have a problem?” I knew this was intentional, my wife was seated, I asked her to remain seated while I waited in the corridor, ready to alight, We knew it was a constructive negative, I turn around to face her, she was stood, toe-to-toe with me, she stood so close I could only see the most distinguishing feature she had, a nose ring through her septum, reminding me of a dancing bear, I lean my head back to see all of her face when Bang! A huge white light in my left eye, time seems to slow down when being assaulted and I remember thinking, have I been punched? I feel the doors slam against my back but they were opening and I fall out onto the platform. Eyewitnesses said a guy was dressed in a white sweater behind her and reported to have taken a running punch, putting everything he had into it.

Considering we had all the evidence needed for a successful prosecution, and with the reassurance from the investigating police officer from the British transport police we were working towards a successful conviction, but the case was then unexpectedly intercepted by The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the branch of the police force to which most plain clothes detectives belong to in the United Kingdom, the case was then removed from the investigating officer of the BTP, I had to wait for the CID to contact me.

A week or two later I receive a telephone call from the CID, only this time the information was conflictive, he said, we are unable to find these suspects, we are also unable to identify them and unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to continue searching, they could be anyone from outer town which would prove impossible for us to find, and without the sufficient evidence they needed to continue with my investigation they will be closing my case without further investigation.

The case was closed. I was gobsmacked and disheartened, my attackers were free, with no justice or aftercare for me, Just the usual bullshit, without family support, and separated from my wife, I soon found myself to be in isolation and seeking legal aid to bring criminals to justice, especially when the justice system prevents it.

Can you help people in these situations? if so, id like to hear from you…

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