Rock Bottom: A Beautiful Beginning

By now,  I had been through a hell of a lot; I had been hoodwinked in my sleep, a victim of organised crime and reunited with my dad in the most unusual of ways.

I then worked hard to rebuild a fragile relationship with my father. He’d had hopes of reuniting with Paul, my older brother, also – but years of input from our mother had made my brother extremely reluctant. Eventually, after a year of convincing him, Paul finally agreed to meet our dad which progressed to a fortnightly visit.

At the same time, I was debating whether or not to take a job at Sungard, the third biggest software house in America – but I was hesitant. None of the previous experiences had been resolved, simply dismissed, and my instincts were strongly suggesting to me that I shouldn’t take the job. However, with some convincing from my ex-wife, father and brother, I gave in, accepted the job and eventually went to Miami on business. This is the part of my life I refer to as the Jerry Mcguire experience.

Upon my return home from Miami, I decided to separate from my wife, and after selling our home, I moved into a one-bedroom flat in Forest Hill.

It was at this time when living alone and isolated, I had the encounter with the veiled lady and anonymous entity. Until then I had only been hook-winked in my sleep.

During this time I would then experience the walk-in dead, redundancy, and eventually, homelessness. In this period of homelessness, I relocated to Folkestone in Kent, where my father was living. With the little savings I had, and with some financial help from my father, I began living in hotel accommodations. This was due to my landlord refusing to accept housing benefits after declaring I had been made redundant. I should have stayed, but I knew very little about my legal rights; I had never been unemployed, and my family had never educated me on such matters.

It was at this stage in my life when my brother decided to betray me to protect the criminal in the family, but not before creating a wedge between my father and me. It was during my homelessness that my brother and father thought it would be a good idea to suggest I try suicide. My brother’s words were “if I was in your situation, I would kill myself” whilst my father agreed, “if you’re unsuccessful, don’t worry, they don’t pump your stomach anymore, but instead will give you a charcoal drink”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It felt as if they had all been constructively working towards this opportunity.

When suicide failed, they both quit on me, with my dad withdrawing all financial assistance, and leaving me abandoned in the local cafe. I was blamed for being the wedge in the family, but ironically, without my help, he would have never reunited with me or my brother – although my brother had convinced him otherwise.

My brother would eventually marry his girlfriend, and whilst I was not invited,  I’d eventually discover photos of my father and Brian sitting together, eating at the top table, with my father having been made fully aware of the crimes committed by Brian. It was now obvious; truth and justice were never important to my father, nor the fact my mother had taken us away from him without consent, preventing him from seeing us grow up. All of this had now been dismissed. I was the only loser.

I had to return to London, and with my tail between my legs, I started afresh. This was rock bottom. I was unemployed, I had no family or commercial support – and as for the veiled lady, who had much to answer for – she remained silent, leaving me none the wiser. Her deception would eventually make sense, but for the time being, I was left questioning everything and open to compromise.

Her true intentions would unfold in time, but my misconceptions and lack of understanding were used to the advantage of wickedness – however, the truth was already revealing itself in the wash. The veiled lady was showing herself to be more in service to self, than in service to others, or me,  and this was played out through a series of constructive negatives. There was just one thing I couldn’t figure out – why me?

So, it’s obvious now, my life didn’t initially turn out quite as I had expected. I was optimistic to begin with, expecting mysteries to be revealed, perhaps even some form of initiation, but instead found myself on a lonely journey that was scary, disruptive, and – at times – brutal and violent. Was I in this situation due to my own choices, too? 

Many years prior to being hoodwinked, or having the encounter with the veiled lady, I had experienced one other. The experience was lucid, more of a memory that was hard to forget or dismiss…

I had taken a nap in the afternoon when I found myself walking beside a man dressed in a white tunic. He had long blonde hair and a beard, was well-groomed and spoke softly. Based on his mannerisms and appearance, it seemed I was speaking to a noble or enlightened gentleman, but as we walked beside each other, I could feel a parasitical presence – a dark passenger – lingering within me, feeding off my energy. Although now aware of it, I had little knowledge as to what this could be, until when he spoke and he forewarned me, 

“if you continue down this path, “they” will use everything against you  

I was no stranger to suffering the consequences of life, but it was unclear to me how much more could be used against me. I understood I had always been surrounded by wickedness, especially from the paranormal activity from my childhood and within my family.

I paused to consider my options. I didn’t understand what the alternative would have been, but there was one thing I was certain of – I didn’t want to become like them.  So I responded “ We have come this far”

Nothing else was said as we continued to walk until I heard his gentle and calming voice again saying “David.”  I suddenly awoke, or at least I thought I had, when I realised I was now standing in the dark. In fact, there was nothing BUT darkness surrounding me, and as far as my light would emit, I could see I was in a vast space of absolute nothingness. I felt no fear as I stood in the endless void of darkness and wondered to myself, was I staring into the abyss? Strangely, in the silence and nothingness, I felt the most peace I had experienced in many years.

After a short period of time, he spoke again, “Wake up.” My lungs then filled deeply which catapulted me forward, until I was now physically sitting up in my bed. It was still daytime. The room was bright, my curtains were open, and I was now physically awake. 

After this lucid dream, I believe my blinkers had been removed, as if I had been given confirmation of an unexplainable, but still not so-obvious “other” existence. This awareness was going to contribute to other experiences whilst gaining knowledge through empiricism and research, until eventually, I would experience reptilian shapeshifters, being hoodwinked in my sleep and an encounter with the veiled lady.

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