The Initiate: A Friendship Hindered by Freemasonry

I continue to speak about the Freemasons due to the significant impact they have had on my life, encompassing both positive and negative experiences. After cutting ties with my long-term Freemason friend, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. During this time, I attended a networking event in the City of London. The event was sparsely attended, so I soon found myself at a nearby bar enjoying a quiet drink.

A well-dressed, sophisticated young man approached me, and we struck up a conversation about my business. As we chatted, our conversation turned amicable, and we began to form a friendship. We decided to meet up at a few more networking events after that.

Our discussions gradually shifted towards my past experiences with the Freemasons. He listened intently and seemed to carefully consider what I shared. However, he started to question the behaviour I had encountered, arguing that it was not typical of a true Freemason. We debated my experiences, and his curiosity grew. Despite acknowledging the impact my friend’s actions had on my life, he remained convinced that my friend was never a real Freemason. I agreed, suspecting that true Freemasonry had been corrupted long ago.

He revealed that he was soon to be initiated as a Freemason and insisted that he would never treat someone the way my friend had treated me. We found ourselves at an impasse, as I had previously decided to distance myself from any Freemason members to focus on rebuilding my life. Consequently, I couldn’t remain friends with him, knowing there would be secrets he would have to keep.

My former Mason friend had befriended me because he had always wanted a brother, which seemed like an acceptable reason at first. However, considering his fraternity of brothers and sisters, I couldn’t understand his need for an additional brotherly figure.

Upon my decision to end our budding friendship, the soon-to-be-initiate was furious, arguing that I was confused and that he would have been a great friend to me. Despite this, I don’t regret my decision. I also tried to dissuade him from joining the Freemasons without fully understanding the oaths he was committing to. However, he had already made up his mind.

As we parted ways, I explained that my decision to end our friendship was based on my own experiences and truths, and not due to any prejudice against him. He finally accepted my decision, looked me in the eye, and wished me “good luck with the truth.”

At times, I doubted my decision, as I considered him a friendly individual with admirable qualities. However, any lingering doubts were laid to rest one afternoon when I had a vivid, unsettling vision during a nap. In the vision, he appeared unhappy and extremely tearful, despite being clothed in symbols of wealth and power. I interpreted this as an indication that he could only find fulfilment by working in the shadows with good intentions, and helping others, despite the outcome of those efforts.

Alternatively, this vision could have simply been a manifestation of my own imagination. Regardless, it provided the closure I needed, both in mind and heart.

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