Awakening in the Veil: A Night of Shamanic Revelation

In the quietude of our new home, a blank canvas for creativity and life, I felt a resurgence of purpose. Amidst the pristine white-washed walls, I envisioned a space where art, music, and colour would breathe new life into my existence.

Michelle and I, having navigated the complexities of our separation, found a unique closeness in our shared living arrangement. Our bond, now strengthened by mutual understanding, provided a solid foundation for my journey into the realms of self-discovery and the mysteries of human origin.

As my experiences unfolded, each revealing a new layer of my past and the enigmatic figures that shaped it, I found myself delving deeper into a quest for understanding. The veiled maiden’s actions once shrouded in mystery, began to unravel through the insights provided by the Golden Guardian. Yet, the true essence of my being and the purpose of my struggles remained veiled in a tapestry of fragmented truths.

The journey was not without its challenges. The veiled maiden’s seemingly benevolent gestures were, in reality, veiled manipulations aimed at maintaining her connection to the source, to retain control as a self-serving light being, a representative of false light, love and truth, she offered only ignorance, as her connection to source was only sustainable by those with strong connections to the source, that had been manipulated and forgotten by her insidious and spiteful ways, parasitical by nature.

Despite the adversity, these revelations became stepping stones towards reclaiming my power and reconnecting with my true source.

The presence of a dark entity, a counterforce to the natural balance I sought, was a constant battle. This entity thrived on division, they both did, their existence a stark contrast to the harmony I aspired to restore.

My growing awareness and pursuit of balance made it increasingly difficult for the low vibrational presence to remain concealed, it also made it more difficult for her to continue shining. As I embraced the true essence of love and knowledge through the actions of the golden guardian, their influence waned.

Yet, amidst this spiritual ascent, my weekends were marked by a fascination with the evolving craft beer scene of the time. This indulgence, though seemingly harmless, Alcohol (Al-KUHUL) is the fastest way to lower your vibration too, this was a shadow I had yet to confront fully.

One transformative evening, caught between the physical and spiritual realms, I experienced a profound awakening. In my bedroom, yet simultaneously within the spiritual confines of a teepee, I was part of a shamanic ceremony. The subtle chants of a Native American shaman gradually brought into focus the dark entity attached to me. As the ritual intensified, my awareness of the entity’s presence grew clearer. The battle to free myself from its grasp which was attached to my crown chakra, was both terrifying and exhilarating. With each push against its dark form, I felt a resurgence of my own strength. As I finally broke free, the entity reared up, revealing a silhouette reminiscent of an upright reptilian form, before ultimately dissipating into the ether.

As the battle subsided, and I lay back down, the teepee faded away, leaving me in the familiar surroundings of my bedroom. In the corner, the serene figure of the Native American shaman sat watching over me, a silent guardian marking the end of the ordeal.

The morning light brought clarity and a shared moment with Michelle, as she came into my bedroom, unknowing of the events which I had experienced that same night, she advised that she had seen a native Indian man in her bedroom, she then relayed the shaman’s message, “Tell David he needs to cleanse” a nod to both the physical and spiritual detoxification required after my nocturnal battle.

This experience, vivid and transformative, was a reminder of the ongoing journey towards balance and enlightenment, a path marked by challenges, but also profound awakenings and the unyielding support of unseen guides.

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